Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Morning!

Today is a little different because I want to be one the of the cool kids and start a blog. I don't always have the correct words or right things to say but I thought it would be fun.

Garrett is off to school so I do what I do every morning....drink my coffee with just a tad bit of SO Delicious Coconut milk creamer. I am also loving these pear preserves that Garrett and I bought at the Memphis Farmers Market.

We originally bought them for my parents because my dad is in love with them. So I decided to try them to make sure they are ok to eat. I just need me a piece of ezekiel bread, toast it with a little earth balance butter and pear preserves. Very delicious!

So I love to cook and I love sweets. It has been a little difficult to always find sweets with a vegan recipe, but I just recently purchased my copy of Baby Cakes NYC. It is a bakery in New York City and everything they bake is vegan and super good.

Right now my goal is getting through the whole book. I just recently made the apple pie...first time to make a pie and it turned out great!
When Garrett and I were sick a few weeks ago I made the Cornbread to go along with our chicken noodle soup which was very good.

It is a very fun and easy cookbook not to mention everything I have made so far has been delightful!

Ok that's all i got for today.
I'm going to make me another cup of coffee and listen to Monsters of Folk...very good band!

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  1. Awesome! I need to check that cookbook out! Not that I could ever get my Brewer boy to go vegan, but I'm sure they have some yummy recipes! Love the blog and miss y'all tons!